100,000 Join the Sign On cast of thousands

Press release - August 26, 2009
Over 100,000 New Zealanders have joined the Greenpeace Sign On campaign, which aims to generate an unprecedented level of support for John Key to sign on to a 40 per cent by 2020 emission reduction target at the UN climate talks in Copenhagen in December.

"Copenhagen is the most important meeting of our time, so it's really heartening to see how many Kiwis want New Zealand to do the right thing," said Greenpeace Executive Director Bunny McDiarmid.

"100,000 Kiwis have already signed on to 40% by 2020 and John Key needs to listen. A government belongs to its people not the other way round," said Sign On Ambassador Lucy Lawless. "The scientists say an emissions reduction target of 40% by 2020 is needed. Anything else is flim flam"."

The Sign On campaign was launched three months ago at Sign On Ambassador Lucy Lawless' house. See here for a video of the launch: http://www.signon.org.nz/videos/sign-on-videos.

Lawless is one of a wide range of high-profile New Zealanders backing the campaign. Others include Jim Salinger, Francesca Price, Robyn Malcolm, Rhys Darby and actress Keisha Castle-Hughes who last week launched the new icon of the Sign On campaign: a blue cast.

McDiarmid said she hoped the Government would take the growing public mandate created by the Sign On campaign into account and re-evaluate the recently announced 10-20% 2020 target. "Sign On will now focus squarely on the Prime Minister as the one person who can ensure New Zealand does the right thing at Copenhagen when it comes to climate change."

Other contacts: Suzette Jackson Communications Manager 021 614 899 Bunny McDiarmid Executive Director 021 838 183