Anti-dam billboards go up around Hawke’s Bay

Press release - September 27, 2016
Greenpeace is erecting anti-Ruataniwha billboards around Hawke’s Bay this morning, two weeks out from the close of voting in regional council elections.

The signs feature a large cow with a tap attached to its behind, along with the text: “Dam Wrong, stop Ruataniwha” (1).

Greenpeace sustainable agriculture campaigner Genevieve Toop, who’s in Hawke’s Bay, said: “The new council will be an important deciding factor in whether the dam goes ahead, and water will be front of mind for many voters.

“Local waterways in Hawke’s Bay are already polluted and under pressure. The Ruataniwha dam will compound these problems by driving more intensive dairy farming.

“After what’s happened in Havelock North, the new council needs to put people’s health before more industrial dairying and drop the dam.

“If Hawke’s Bay residents have concerns about the dam, they should make sure they vote, and make sure they know where each candidate stands on the scheme.”

(1) An image of the billboard can be seen here.