DOC cuts an assault on Kiwi values

Press release - March 26, 2013
Responding to today’s announcement of cuts to the Department of Conservation, Nathan Argent, Greenpeace’s senior policy advisor, said:

"This is an assault on our Kiwi values. Anyone who loves walking in our countryside, swimming in our seas and playing with the kids on our beaches should be appalled at this attack on the very things New Zealanders hold dear.

"John Key doesn’t want to protect the water we swim in, the air we breathe and the countryside in which we tramp. He doesn’t want to protect our wildlife, our birds and our trees. He wants to flog them off to the marketing and PR departments of foreign companies.

"Dozens of hard-working men and women will lose their jobs, and they’re the people who are out there every day protecting our wildlife. Today’s cuts are terrible news for them, and terrible news for our country.

"John Key should be hanging his head in shame. Our country become a little poorer today."