Greenpeace USA Statement on the 2015 Greenpeace Calendar

Press release - September 4, 2014
During the production of the 2015 Greenpeace USA calendar, the publisher, Workman Publishing, sourced an image from a nature photographer, Alain Mafart-Renodier. It was later discovered that Mafart-Renodier is also Alain Mafart, one of the French military operatives who was involved in the bombing of the Greenpeace ship, the Rainbow Warrior, in New Zealand in 1985. He was part of the team that bombed our ship and killed our colleague and friend, Fernando Pereira, a Greenpeace commissioned photographer.

Neither Workman nor Greenpeace USA staff realized there was a problem until after production was complete and the calendars had been distributed to retailers. As soon as we were alerted to the problem, we contacted Workman to request a complete recall of the calendars.

We made the recall request in consideration of the feelings of Fernando’s family and our supporters. It is wrong and upsetting that a picture from Mafart could ever appear anywhere in a Greenpeace publication.

Unfortunately, Workman Publishing would not even consider our request that the company immediately issue a recall for the calendars it had sent to retailers unless the organization agreed to reimburse Workman an estimated minimum amount of $250,000 USD for its costs and lost profits.  In addition, there was no way to guarantee a complete recall because retailers would not have to comply and some of the calendars would likely have been sold before a recall could take effect.  We determined that this was not the best use of our donors’ money.

As a result, we have returned all royalty payments for the 2015 calendar we received from Workman. Greenpeace will not be making any money from this calendar. We have also decided to end our business relationship with Workman and the company will not be producing future Greenpeace calendars.

Calendars already in possession of Greenpeace will not be distributed and will be recycled. We are currently working on an alternative version that we will distribute to supporters that will feature photography by Fernando Pereira as a tribute to him.

We deeply regret this error and are frustrated and upset that we were not able to secure a complete recall of our 2015 calendar.