Greenpeace opposes Korean whaling plans

Press release - July 6, 2012
Auckland, 5 July, 2012 – Greenpeace New Zealand Oceans Campaigner Karli Thomas responds to South Korea’s announcement at the International Whaling Commission that it plans to start scientific whaling due, it says, to increasing whale numbers affecting fisheries. (1)

“Greenpeace opposes all commercial whaling including under the guise of scientific research.”

“It’s ludicrous to claim that we need to kill whales to study them. There are thousands of independent whale scientists studying whales around the world without killing them. Only those with ties to the whaling industry are interested in lethal research.”

“The attempt to blame whales for declining fish populations is like blaming woodpeckers for deforestation. Whales are not responsible for declining fish stocks – that’s caused by overfishing and mismanagement.”

“In the 21st century the IWC needs to shift away from an agenda of whale hunting to whale conservation. It’s very disappointing that a proposal for a South Atlantic whale sanctuary was rejected earlier this week and has now been followed up by the announcement by South Korea that it intends to exploit a legal loophole to return to whaling.”
“Whales, dolphins and porpoises face a range of threats with around 300,000 killed after becoming entangled in fishing gear every year. It’s up to all countries to protect these creatures.”

“New Zealand could also be doing better. Our Government’s response to protecting the critically endangered Maui’s dolphin has fallen short of IWC recommendations. New Zealand risks becoming only the second country in the history of the IWC to preside over the extinction of a cetacean species.”


Notes to Editor

1)    Korea’s opening statement at the IWC