Shell quits Southern drilling plans - wheels coming of government programme

Press release - October 1, 2015
Reacting to the news today that Shell will once again be delaying their plans to drill in the Great South Basin, Greenpeace New Zealand’s climate and energy campaigner Steve Abel said:

“National's deep sea drilling plans are failing. The collapse in the oil price has brought the industry to its knees globally as dangerous and expensive drilling plans including deep sea are being canned.

“In the same week that Shell abandoned plans to drill in the Arctic, it has put its reckless bid to drill in New Zealand on ice. We think it is very unlikely that Shell will return,” said Abel.

“The Government has spent hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars opening up our oceans to some of the world’s biggest polluters, yet one by one companies like Exxonmobil, Petrobras, Anadarko have pulled up the anchor chains and left, all without having found any oil. It now looks like Shell will follow too.

“A smarter Government would abandon its failing deep sea drilling plans and focus on building a cleaner and safer future for New Zealand".

“This would create many tens of thousands of jobs and a multi-billion dollar boost to the economy. At the same time we would safeguard our oceans from oil spills and  reduce pollution.

“But the fight to stop deepsea drilling off in our oceans is not over. We still have Statoil and Chevron wanting to drill but they are facing greater and greater local opposition. There are currently 13 local community campaigns to pressure regional councils to reject ‘Block Offer 2016’ in the current consultation with Iwi and councils.”

Contact details:
Steve Abel, climate and energy campaigner on: 021 927 301
Nathan Argent: press office on: 021 971234