Activists arrested after blocking coal to Clandeboye for 10 hours

Press release - May 18, 2010
Police have arrested four Greenpeace activists at Fonterra’s Clandeboye dairy factory near Timaru, after they succeeded in blocking coal deliveries to the plant for nearly 10 hours.

Greenpeace activists block coal being supplied to the boilers of Fonterra's Clandeboye factory, in Canterbury, with three tonnes of wood pellets and by locking themselves to equipment May 18 2010. .

The activists were highlighting Fonterra's contribution to climate change, in particular its decision to use coal rather than clean alternatives to run plants like Clandeboye.

"Fonterra's choice of coal over cleaner alternatives to power large factories like Clandeboye is driving coal mining and carbon emissions in New Zealand," said one of the activists, Renee Davenport of Hamilton.

"We need to stop burning coal in order to protect people and the environment around the world from the devastating effects of climate change and to protect New Zealand's clean and green reputation," she said.

Fonterra is the third largest user of coal in New Zealand and one of our biggest emitters. The Government's schedule 4 mining plans include mining 3,000 ha of the Paparoa National Park for coal, which is destined for Fonterra plants.

Greenpeace has left behind three tonnes of wood pellets which they delivered earlier today, saying the renewable and cleaner-burning fuel is the solution to Fonterra's burning of dirty coal.

"Fonterra's decision to run its factories on coal typifies where New Zealand is going wrong on climate and our economy," said Greenpeace Climate Campaigner Simon Boxer.  "Both the Government and Fonterra continue to put short-term profit ahead of the long-term wellbeing of the economy and the environment. Where is the leadership we need from our Government and key industry?"

Other contacts: For video contact Phil Crawford, Greenpeace New Zealand media & communications, 021 22 99 594 For more information: Simon Boxer, Greenpeace New Zealand climate campaigner, 021 905 579