Tried and true – Greenpeace takes smart farming message to Fieldays

Press release - June 9, 2009
Amidst the electric fence systems and EID Readers, visitors at this year’s Fieldays will find an old fashioned dairy offering free value-added dairy products and tips on how farmers can tackle and gain from climate change.

The "Tried and True" dairy has been erected by Greenpeace in the premier feature exhibition site. It's the first time the environmental organisation has exhibited at the Fieldays.

The display's message is simple, says Senior Climate Campaigner Simon Boxer. "Commoditisation of our dairy products has led to a dramatic rise in the intensification of New Zealand farming, which in turn is increasing greenhouse gas emissions and having other negative impacts on the environment.

Commoditisation has also led to volatile returns for farmers and our economy.

"Tried and true branded dairy products are a key part of the solution to a stable economy and a return to a healthy environment."

Greenpeace wants New Zealand to be farming into the future and passing on truly sustainable, healthy farms to future generation, said Boxer.

"This means securing and returning to branded products and moving towards low input, smart farming practices. Our current intensive farming methods are threatening our clean green brand and the longevity of the industry.

"Caring for our land and helping cut our greenhouse gas emissions is vital if we're to ensure that our farming sector survives and prospers. Agriculture can and should be part of the solution to reducing those emissions.  New Zealand farmers need to be safeguarding our place in international consumer markets by adopting smart farming methods to protect our clean green image, which is vital for all our industries."

Greenpeace has also produced a newspaper for the Fieldays - " Better Times." The lead article asks the question: "has Fonterra's pursuit of the commodities market turned into a race to the bottom?"

Campaigners will be available for interview at the site (M38 - premier feature site).

More information is contained in the briefing: " The changing face of NZ farming - why boom and bust is not working".

Other contacts: Simon Boxer, Senior Climate Campaigner – 021 905579 Suzette Jackson – Communications and Media – 021 614 899 Phil Crawford, Images and video – 021 22 99 594

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