Oceans Advocates

Seafood markets driving change towards sustainable oceans management

Publication - October 28, 2010
Following a seminal study by top marine scientists in 2001, which reported that global seafood catches had been declining since the 1980s, the news about the state of the world’s fish stocks became progressively worse.

Oceans Advocates - October 2010

In 2004 the British journalist Charles Clover published his book The End of the Line, detailing the impacts of destructive and wasteful fishing around the world.

By this point it should have been more than clear to politicians that the crisis in the world’s oceans could no longer be ignored.

Yet the decisions they made were persistently based on the short-term profit interests of influential fishing industries.

With billions of people relying on healthy oceans to ensure their food security and livelihoods, it was essential that new powerful voices could be heard, driving the change that would see fisheries becoming sustainable and our oceans getting the protection they need. To make this all happen a new approach was necessary – starting at the customer-facing end of the seafood chain: the retailers.