Greenpeace demands for copenhagen

Publication - March 24, 2009
As the reality of climate change continues to outstrip research findings, it is becoming clear that reaching the 'tipping point' is a far more immediate threat than we imagined and the window of opportunity for avoiding runaway climate change is rapidly and inexorably closing.

Greenpeace demands for Copenhagen

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Executive summary: We now know that an increase in global temperature of even 1.5°C could lead to irreversible impacts and 2°C risks triggering catastrophic runaway climate change. We need a global plan that peaks global temperature rise as soon as humanly possible and enables us to return to well below current levels. This year will see an intensive round of international negotiations, culminating in the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit in December as governments thrash out a deal to combat climate change. This represents the best chance we have of reversing current emissions trends in time to prevent the climate chaos that we are hurtling towards.

Grasping and shaping this opportunity requires leadership of a kind we have not yet seen on climate change. It demands that the world's heads of government take responsibility and work together to protect the people, the environment and the planet that, collectively, they represent and ensure that global greenhouse gas emissions peak by 2015, and start declining rapidly thereafter, reaching as close to zero as possible by midcentury.

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