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Page - November 14, 2011
We need your help to protect this beautiful planet. By donating a tweet each day, you help us reach more people, and more people means more Action. Simple.

Donate a tweet a day

How does it work?

It's simple. When you decide to donate, you'll be taken to a page and asked to login with your twitter account details. Once that's done you'll have signed up to donate the occasional tweet to Greenpeace NZ. Easy! Together we'll give this fragile Earth a voice.

What happens when you donate a tweet?

Signing-up means your twitter account will automatically send out a tweet on our behalf, no more than once a day, but more likely just 1-2 times per week.

We will use your donated tweets to notify people of things we are doing, campaigns we are running, or of something interesting on our website.

Again, you can decide to stop donating tweets to us at any time by clicking here.

By donating a tweet to us, you add your voice to ours which extends our reach in the twittersphere enormously.

With one tweet we can reach all the followers of all the people who have donated tweets to us -- and many of those people may never have seen a tweet from us before!

Donate a tweet a day