No New Oil & Coal Petition

Prime Minister John Key and the New Zealand Government: We call on you to permanently STOP ALL plans to open up NZ’s coastal waters to offshore oil drilling and STOP ANY expansion of coal mining in NZ. We demand a clean energy future.


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Like the proposal to open our best conservation land for coal mining, deep sea oil exploration is the wrong future for New Zealand. Join us in the fight to protect our precious environment.

Say no to deep sea oil and coal mining and yes to a clean Energy [R]evolution report.

150,000 needed
150833 signed

If a disaster like the Deepwater Horizon accident in the Gulf of Mexico ocurred in New Zealand it could devasate both our environment and economy. Yet this is exactly the risk that the government is exposing New Zealand’s coastline to. They have already given oil companies permission to start dangerous deep sea oil exploration off the East Coast of the North Island, and tagged many other areas for exploitation. International oil companies could soon be drilling at depths of up to 3000 metres in NZ waters.

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