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The Detox campaign has inspired Puma and now Nike to take the lead in detoxing their products and their supply chains. Adidas meanwhile is still on the starting blocks.

Product testing results reveal chemicals on certain clothing from top international brands, which like a smoking gun, places them at the scene of the toxic river pollution scandal we are campaigning to stop.

Send Adidas an email calling on them to act responsibly. If you have some of their gear or somebody in your family wears Adidas, please personalize your message with a product description or barcode number (see an example). Only 78 products were tested for the Greenpeace report, but any garment they've sold could be tainted.


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Clothing by leading brands Abercombie & Fitch, Adidas, Calvin Klein, Converse, GAP, G-Star RAW, H&M, Kappa, Lacoste, Li Ning, Nike, Puma, Ralph Lauren, Uniqlo and Youngor are manufactured using nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs), which break down to form toxic nonylphenol (NP). Nonylphenol is a persistent chemical with hormone-disrupting properties that build up in the food chain, and is hazardous even at very low levels. Someone needs to lead the textile industry to quit the chemicals and detox our water. Nike and Puma are all in, but Adidas isn't.

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