This Action Is Now Closed



Over 10,000 people sent more than 200,000 emails to Auckland Councillors and a big crowd turned up to the meeting at the Auckland Town Hall.

The council certainly felt the public pressure to say no to deep sea oil.

With standing room only in the chambers, the council debated how they would respond to the Government’s deep sea oil drilling plans. Several councillors made strong arguments against deep sea drilling. The final vote on the amendment to oppose the drilling was very close and as a result of all the emails, text messages and phone calls, we’ve seen a huge swing within the country’s biggest Council.

From only one vote against drilling last year the Council's vote would have been won 10 to 9 against drilling today except it was taken when one of the Councillors had stepped out to the toilet. Absurd but true. The Chair’s second casting vote made it 9 against drilling and 10 for.

Nonetheless a powerful message to Council, government and the oil industry.

We're not done yet. Send a message to Statoil now.

Tell Auckland Council to say NO to Deep Sea Oil

The Government wants to open up even more of our oceans to risky deep sea drilling and they asked councils and iwi for feedback on their plans.

The Christchurch City Council has voted that deep sea oil drilling is not worth the risk. Auckland City Council is voted on Thursday 5th February and so we mobilised to let them know that Aucklanders think they should oppose deep sea oil drilling of our precious coasts.