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Help Greenpeace from your computer - take cyber-action now!

Get in the know - Become a cyber-activist. And remember, when you receive the cyber-activist email, send it on to your friends to encourage them to sign up too.

Send to a friend - Any time you see something on our site that interests, informs or inspires you, send it on to your friends (just click on "send" at the top of the page).

Screensavers - Use our fantastic screensavers on your computer, so your friends and colleagues see them.

Print and pin it - Print pages that will interest others and stick them on the notice board at school or work.

Email signature - Promote our site in your email signature by linking to our site, or you may want to quote a fact from a campaign and ask people to go to our site to help, for example, "Orang-utans are unique to the Paradise Forests. One of our closest animal relatives, they face multiple threats, including habitat loss through logging and hunting. We can help save their forest home, go to the Greenpeace New Zealand website now!"

Sumbit it - Submit cool links to sites like BoingBoing, Grist, Slashdot, Reddit, and Fark.

Blog it - Talk about environmental issues, Greenpeace campaigns and what people can do to help in your blog.

Firefox bookmarks - Bookmark this site and share your bookmarks with your friends. Services like let you publish your own bookmarks as RSS feeds, so that other Firefox users can subscribe to your bookmarks through Live Bookmarks. You can also put your bookmarks into your own private RSS feed, to share your bookmarks among multiple computers.

Write and send - Send an email to the editor of your local paper on an issue you feel passionate about, or send an email to a politician to help get something changed to help the environment. Get tips on how to write to the editor and tips on how to email a Member of Parliament.

Google - Buy some Google Ad Words to promote our site.

And you can always help by making an online donation now.

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