Call your MP

Page - November 30, 2006
If you’re pushed for time and can’t meet or write to your representative then give them a call! Often a minister's office will log calls about an issue so they can get a sense of community concern. By phoning them, you are registering your concern.

Politicians you may want to call include:

  • Your local Member of Parliament (MP) or the minister responsible for the issue (for example, Minister for the Environment) Find out who they are and their contact details here.

  • Your local council representatives (at city, regional or district councils)

Tips on making a successful phone-call

  • Introduce yourself and where you live; state how you feel about the legislation or issue and ask them to represent your view.

  • Try to keep to one issue per phone call, the tips on framing your argument and making a specific policy ask under the meet with your representative section are relevant here.

  • Always be polite and be prepared to have a conversation. Be fair, and listen to their reasons for not agreeing with you immediately. Ear bashing your representative is not a good approach. You are much more likely to convince your MP to change their mind or do what you ask by coming across as knowledgeable, reasonable, and passionate.

  • Always leave your name and address, especially if you are a local constituent.

  • If the representative is undecided about the issue, ask to be updated on his or her stance after a period of time (by letter or return phone call) or ask for a meeting so you can argue your position.