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Page - April 16, 2012
Help us campaign for agriculture that is good for the planet and people. Healthy food grown with the environment — not against it. Farming that helps cope with climate change. Tweet for sustainable agriculture!

Ten corporations control nearly 70% of the world's seed market. #gmo
Corporate control of agriculture means farmers have less choice. #gmo

Genetic Engineering does not feed the world. 99.5 percent of farmers around the world do not grow #gmo crops.
Industrial polluting agriculture uses synthetic fertilizers & toxic chemicals which pollute our water & soils. #gmo

GM eggplant produces a protein which can induce resistance towards at least kanamycin, a well known antibiotic. #gmo
People don't want GM foods, so they're hidden in animal feed. #gmo

No long-term studies have been conducted to prove that #GMOs are safe for human consumption.
Organic farmers are losing billions of dollars because of patents and contamination. #gmo

There are 58 #GMO applications approved by the Bureau of Plant Industry since December 2002
There are 53 #GMO applications approved for Food, Feed & for Processing in the Philippines

There are 5 #GMO applications approved for commercial propagation in the Philippines
The IAASTD report concludes that genetic engineering is no solution for soaring food prices, hunger & poverty. #gmo