A Greenpeace volunteer on top of a wind turbine in Ilocos Norte, around 500 kilometers north of Manila. The 25 megawatt wind farm owned and operated by Danish firm Northwind, is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia. According to Greenpeace and the Global Wind Energy Council, the Philippines is poised to become the leading wind power producer in Southeast Asia with potential of up 70,000 MW of clean renewable energy from wind. The value of the global market for wind turbines is predicted to expand from the current 8 billion euros to an 80 billion euro market by 2020.

The solution for climate change is a clean energy revolution. It will pave the way for cleaner energy and a safe environment for everyone.

The solution for climate change is a clean energy revolution. It will pave the way for cleaner energy and a safe environment for everyone.

A world using renewable energy sources would be much more varied than the one we live in at the moment. There would certainly be less pollution and less danger of large scale accidents or disasters. We can hope that a more stable source of energy would help lead to a more stable society, and a happier life for us all. So, be a part of the revolution. Clean Energy NOW!

Climate change will pose significant stress and challenges in the Asian regio n.  Asia has more than 60% of the world's population.  Natural resources therefore are already under stress and the resilience of many Asian countries to climate change is poor. Several countries are socio-economically dependent on natural resources such as water, forests, grassland and fisheries.

The only way that we can stop the worst effects of climate change in Asia is by using less energy and by making sure that the energy that we do need comes from clean, renewable sources.

Renewable energy has the potential to meet our energy needs many times over. At present, we get less than 1% of our electricity from the wind, ocean and sun.

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In 2011, the Philippines topped the list of most disaster prone countries in the world . The distinction is confirmed by the series of weather-related calamities endured by the nation last year, which claimed over 3,000 lives,...

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