Be a part of Pilipinas, Go Renewable!

Page - November 28, 2006
Climate change is real and its impacts will only get worse if we continue to rely on coal, the most carbon-intensive fossil fuel, as an energy source. The Philippines need to embrace solutions such as renewable energy and energy efficiency to ensure our survival.

A Greenpeace volunteer carrying a 'clean energy now' banner

Demand the Philippine governement to set renewable energy targets!  Renewable power from the sun, wind and modern biomass provides less than 1% of the entire energy needs of the Philippines today.   The government must set targets to ensure the massive uptake of renewable energy in our country.  Renewable energy translates to energy security, jobs and investments while saving the climate.

Practice energy efficiency and conservation!  While there is an urgent need for the government to set renewable energy targets, each Filipino has a role in addressing climate change.  Practicing energy efficiency and conservation in our homes, schools and offices is a pro-active way in putting our foot forward in addressing climate change.  Each watt that we save is equal to money saved and carbon dioxide curbed.

Spread the word!  The urgency of climate change and the imperative to embrace solutions such as renewable energy and energy efficiency needs to be shared to the rest of the world. Speak up and spread the word!

Do the Pilipinas, Go Renewable! pledge.  Greenpeace is keeping track of individuals who are embracing climate change solutions.