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Page - March 16, 2007



The Philippines is a center of origin and biodiversity of rice.

Greenpeace is campaigning for GMO-free rice production grounded on the principles of sustainability, protection of biodiversity, and providing all people access to safe and nutritious food.

The saying "you are what you eat" can never be more true about rice. Rice,rice is life the staple diet of half the world's population, is not just food. It's an integral part of our life and culture. The Philippines is a center of origin and biodiversity of rice, and rice is the Filipino's most important food. Rice figures in the mythology of our ancestors, and in the Tagalog language alone we have dozens of words for rice. Everyday, we eat an average of 308 grams of rice.

Our rice under threat

Genetically-modified rice (rice whose genetic make-up is manipulated with the insertion of genes of an entirely different organism in a way

that can never happen naturally) is already in our shores.no ge rice

Last November 2006, Greenpeace discovered that US Texas long grain rice, contaminated by insecticide-resistant unapproved GMO rice (Bayer LL601) was being sold in local supermarkets.

The scandal created a public outrage, with many sectors, including the Church, demanding for a pull out of the GMO rice, prompting the distributor to pull out stocks.

Now, our own Bureau of Plant Industry is reviewing an application for the approval of the GMO rice Bayer LL62 in the Philippines.

We need to protect our staple. If approved, GMO rice will have disastrous consequences on our most important food crop.

Stand up for your rice visit our action center and see what we can do together to keep our rice GMO free.

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