Take action: Stand up for your rice!

Page - March 16, 2007

Stand up for your rice!

Stand up for your rice!

Help keep our rice GMO-free

"It may seem as though food and its future are completely out of your

hands. That isn't so. Let your legislators know that food safety and

sustainable agriculture production are important to you. If we are

what we eat, we need to do everything we can to protect our precious

food resources." - Joy of Cooking


Send a petition to the the government urging them to keep our rice GMO-free.

More ways to take action:



Send an SMS to the National Food Authority complaints & action center

Type sug<space>/Name/Address/Message

Send to

+63917 6210927





Send a message to the Department of Agriculture

Tell them that you love your rice GMO Free Click here to visit their online form



Blog for us

Write a blog and tell the world how important rice is to you.

Why blog? Why not? Each of us has a story to tell about the one food we've been eating day in, day out, 24/7, 365 days a year, all the years of our lives. That's millions and millions of stories about how important rice is to us.

become a cyberactivist

Become an Online Activist

Our global community of Greenpeace activists hail from 125 countries and territories. We have a long list of victories to prove that when we speak with one voice, we can change the world. Sign up and you'll get a monthly E-zine and action alerts full of ways you can be a one-minute activist. It's all free.


stand up for your rice

Link back to us Got a place on the web that you call home? You can post this cool banner on your page. When you recruit with us or send traffic to our site, you campaign with us.




I love my rice

I love my rice GMO Free

stand up for your rice

Stand up for your rice




download this flyer

Download and print our leaflet or banner and distribute to friends and acquaintances.

Print out a copy of the page and stick it to the bulletin board at school or work. (Especially if you work for Bayer, Monsanto, the Department of Agriculture, or hang out among crowds.)






spread the word

Spread the word: email this site to people you know.

Any time you see something on this site that interests or informs or inspires you, send it to a friend or five. Or Submit cool links to sites like BoingBoing, Grist, Slashdot, Fark, Stumbleupon, Digg and Delicious.


Join the Greenpeace cyberactivist community and start making waves.

Discuss the issue

Drop in to the Action Forum with more suggestions or to ask your fellow cyberactivists for answers to those tough questions.


"No man should think himself a zero, and think he can do nothing about the state of the world."
-Bernard Baruch