Page - January 18, 2008
Want to volunteer? We can use any skill: from envelope-stuffing to jungle survival training. Many of the folks who work in our offices today started out as volunteers. In some countries we provide action and non-violence training to folks willing to become activists. To find out more, you'll want to talk to your local Greenpeace office.

Greenpeace volunteer collects plastic rubbish from Manila Bay, Philippines.

There is a lot to be done when protecting the planet for future generations and help is always welcome.

Greenpeace volunteers help win campaigns.

Greenpeace Southeast Asia provides volunteering opportunities for those who are interested in helping us out in the office and, occassionally, in the field.

The availability of volunteer opportunities at the office varies depending on availability of staff and resources.

If you would like to volunteer as an activist, you need to contact your local Greenpeace Office and enquire there as to what opportunities that office may have for you.

For more information on volunteering for Greenpeace Southeast Asia click here to read our volunteer guidelines