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Multimedia | May 9, 2006

In Firestorm, a novel for young adults and the first book in David Klass' Caretaker Trilogy, a young time-travelling hero is tasked with saving the world.

In book one, he travels beneath the oceans to witness human exploitation of the marine environment. He sees the destructive horror of bottom trawling for orange roughy in the north Atlantic west of the Azores. He witnesses the strip-mining of the oceans' fish species. And with the help of an unusual dog and a shape-shifting female fighter, his task is to save the oceans before the Earth reaches a "turning point" -- the time when the Earth's destruction will become irreversible.

In this audio interview, the author talks about his motivation for writing this book, his personal concerns about the destruction of our oceans, and Greenpeace's involvement in the work's genesis.

(17 minutes, 7 megabyte MP3)