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Mister Splashy Pants to the Rescue

Free the Tokyo Two! The world's favourite humpback whale is amazed that his friends have been arrested, and is doing something to help. How about you?


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Duke Anti-Nuke

Come get some! Evil publicity agents are spreading lies about nuclear power and nuclear weapons. Help Duke convert missile silos and nuclear power plants into weapons-free-zones and safe, clean, renewable energy. Hurry!


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Eco-quest: the game in which you save endangered species from extinction.


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Your two whale friends each have a special power in this epic struggle to en-bubble submarines and push them out of your ocean world.


The latest updates


Why I’m Joining the Greenpeace Ships to Fight Plastic Pollution

Blog entry by Froilan Grate | March 1, 2019

Plastic pollution might be very visible in the Philippines and other Asian countries, but the crisis started somewhere else. It began in the boardrooms of the top multinational companies when they decided to dump products packaged in...

We are not a 'nation of 40 million cowards,' but a country of 40 million heroes.

Blog entry by Yeb Saño | February 25, 2019

The first step to breaking free is recognizing that we are in chains. As a people, we pride ourselves in fighting for our freedom. We are a nation that is filled with heroes - from our national heroes Andres Bonifacio and Jose...

Something old, something new...

Blog entry by Khevin Yu | February 14, 2019

Two weeks ago, my girlfriend and I decided to tie the knot. It was indeed the most special day of our lives: a declaration of our unity and love for each other, with a shared commitment to pursue our goals and advocacies together.

Giving the gift of Time

Blog entry by Jerson Hortillosa | December 26, 2018

Sitio Garrison is situated on the highlands of Cordillera Central, in the small town of Itogon, Benguet. Mining has been the staple source of income for residents as far back as the early 1900s, with both men and women doing mining to...

Noodles, dimsum and other plant-based Asian faves at Wabi-Sabi Noodle House (5th of 5...

Blog entry by Tricia Aquino | December 24, 2018

Looking forward to intimate catch-ups with friends this holiday season? Why not huddle over bowls of steaming hot noodles while swapping juicy stories? Even better, how about doing all that while sticking to a plant-based diet? ...

Plant-based with an exciting spice-y twist in a trip to Little India Healthy Cuisine...

Blog entry by Tricia Aquino | December 23, 2018

Think plant-based food is plain and boring? Make your way to Little India Healthy Cuisine for your next holiday gathering and it'll change your mind in one bite! Located at 24F Malingap St., Teachers Village, the restaurant...

Goodness, it's gulay! Familiar flavors in a plant-based package served up at The...

Blog entry by Tricia Aquino | December 19, 2018

Thought you'd have to leave delicious dishes behind if you went plant-based? It's a Christmas miracle, 'cause the answer is no! The Vegetarian Kitchen's southern fried "chicken" At The Vegetarian Kitchen, located at 62 B...

Have a colorful salad or pasta plate in farm-to-table QC restaurant Earth Kitchen...

Blog entry by Tricia Aquino | December 16, 2018

Calendar packed with reunions? We know some places for your  plant-based fix! And we promise, your friends will enjoy themselves  too! Here's the second of our five-part series on Quezon City restaurant  options where you can...

Vegan longganisa (that's not a typo) and more at plant-based QC restaurant Pipino - 1...

Blog entry by Tricia Aquino | December 11, 2018

PSA: Bringing in more plant-based meals to your diet doesn't mean having to eat salads all the time. There are tons of delicious options that contain fruits, vegetables,  grains, nuts, and soy products! Think langka barbecue ribs,...

We have the power to change the tuna industry for good

Blog entry by Ephraim Batungbacal | December 6, 2018

Sustainably Caught Canned Tuna Pams pole and line caught canned tuna. Pams is the home brand for Foodstuffs, one of New Zealand's two main supermarket companies. Foodstuffs introduced pole and line tuna to its Pams range in 2011...

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