Thailand cyberactivists e-newsletter 29 January 2009

Page - January 29, 2009

Thailand's cyberactivists e-newsletter 29 January 2009

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Dear Greenpeace activist, Thank you for helping us make the unveiling of the Guinness World Record for Thai rice a very successful event. Your presence at the exhibit and the email encouragements made this inspiring work possible. We have started the buzz that Thai people should look back and help protect the world-renowned Thai rice. We are happy that on TV, on newspapers and on the internet there is great appreciation for this campaign. But this is just the first step of our campaign to protect Thai rice from GMOs which threaten our economy, sustainable agriculture, affects biodiversity, Thai farmers and our health. We all love and are proud of Thai rice. Thai farmers and our sustainable rice farming tradition have made our country one of the best rice-growing nations in the planet. Therefore, we do not need foreign technology like GMOs from multinationals who only want to dominate our precious staple crop. In the coming months we hope to encourage more love and pride for Thai rice in the country. Greenpeace will organze more events to gain support for Thai rice and to slam the doors against GMOs. Help us spread the love for Thai rice amongst your families, friends and co-workers. Thank you and hope to see you in future Greenpeace events.
Natwipha Ewasakul Sustainable Agriculture Campaigner
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