Thailand's Cyberactivists e-newsletter 17 June 2009

Page - June 17, 2009

Thailand's Cyberactivists e-newsletter 17 June 2009

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17 June 2009
Dear Greenpeace activist, ThaiPBS will air a program about Greenpeace's Toxic-Free Chao Phraya river tour featuring the long unique 350-km canoe tour by our volunteers from the origin of Chao Phraya to the downstream to protect the river from toxic pollution. Don't miss the beautiful story of our journey on ThaiPBS on Thursday 18 June 2009 at 10 am. Greenpeace will soon have a new leader. Kumi Naidoo will take up the role of Executive Director of Greenpeace International in November 2009, when Gerd Leipold steps down after nearly nine years as our activist-in-chief. Read more. On 14-15 June, Greenpeace Southeast Asia gave a speech and held a Chernobyl impacts exhibit in the anti-nuclear concert organized by a local group in Wat Sing district of Chai Nat province along Chao Phraya river. Chai Nat has been considered by Nuclear Power Program Development Office and Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) as one of the candidate sites for construction of a nuclear power plant. Watch the slideshow or read the blog. Greenpeace Southeast Asia spearheaded the anti-nuclear campaign in Thailand since 2008 and put pressure on the ASEAN governments to abandon dirty and dangerous nuclear energy and invest in affordable clean renewable energy options. On Thuesday, 16 June, Greenpeace organized a media briefing on "Greenpeace's Climate Vision" at Bangkok Center Hotel and called upon the ASEAN governments to proactively engage in the global efforts to combat climate change. The Greenpeace Climate vision document describes the causes, current impacts and future risks of climate change, it discusses the temperature rise and emission reduction targets required to avoid dramatic and irreversible impacts on ecosystems, the economy and human livelihoods. The climate vision stresses on the need for all solutions to be global and equitable and thus enshrined in an international agreement. Read more. Also check out our month in pictures.

Tara Buakamsri Campaigns Manager

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