October 24th International Day of Climate Action

Page - October 22, 2009
While our leaders continue to talk about what's "politically possible," the world continues to warm and precious days go by. The latest science shows that runaway global warming is even closer than we feared. We can't continue to allow our leaders to sit back and play political games when our future is at stake.

That's why on October 24th, Greenpeace is joining with 350.org and a broad coalition of groups to participate in an international day of action. Events are already planned in over 100 countries around the world. Some are big, some are small -- but every single one of them is absolutely necessary. Including yours…

Host or attend an event in your community -- see map and event creation tool below.

Science clearly tells us that only dramatic action can prevent global warming and its catastrophic impacts -- and the world is looking to our leaders to, well,  lead. In doing so, they need to be thinking about the next generation, not the next election.

Scientists say that if industrialized countries like the US reduce their global warming pollution by 25-40% (below 1990 levels) in the next decade, we may still be able to pass on a safe climate to our children. But time is running out.

Greenpeace is part of a large global alliance of organisations calling on the world's leaders to agree to a climate deal that is ambitious, fair and binding. Together, we are pushing for a strong climate treaty that will not only reverse the march of dangerous climate change but also help us tackle some of the world's largest challenges like deforestation.

Now more than ever, we need world leaders to act to stop global warming, and they need to hear from YOU and everyone you know. We need thousands of marches, rallies, and vigils worldwide. The event you organise on October 24th will be part of the international cry for world leaders  to do what it takes to stop global warming.

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