Page - August 3, 2007



The Philippines is very much vulnerable to climate change.  With sea-level rise and extreme weather conditions that we are experiencing now…who can deny that climate change is already happening?  Yes, it's here now and global warming will worsen if we don't do something.  Blame it on coal and those who consume too much energy…isa ka ba sa kanila?

Greenpeace challenges each of us to be energy-conscious.  Being energy conscious is integrating positive, climate-friendly habits to one's lifestyle while still getting the desired output.  At present, the Philippines' main electricity source comes from coal-fired power plants, which produces millions of tons of greenhouse gasses that contributes to global warming. Kaya ayaw natin sa coal!

But as an individual, you can do something.  Simple energy-conscious acts can save the planet from dangerous climate change.  The less energy we use, the less greenhouse gas the coal-fired power plants produce! 


Starting this June, Greenpeace challenges you to do something really simple - Simple lang, Pledge for the Planet!

As soon as you sign up and become part of Simple lang, Pledge for the Planet, we'll send you 7 challenges over months. Each challenge is a simple act you can do everyday- like switching-off your lights and unplugging your computers & appliances when they're not in use or getting involved in pushing our government to work towards climate solutions.  O diba, Simple lang! Nakatipid ka na sa kuryente, naka-tulong ka pa sa environment!

Climate change is the biggest threat that our planet faces today but by doing even the smallest things, each one of us can make a difference.  Collectively, we can ensure our survival, we can save the world. 

Let's support Greenpeace.  Let's work together and be part of the solution and not the problem. 

Simple lang! Pledge for the Planet.