Success! You've made Nestle drop dodgy palm oil!

Page - May 19, 2010

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May 2010
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Success! You've made Nestle drop dodgy palm oil!

Dear friend,

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Guess what? Nestlé has only gone and agreed to our campaign demands! And it's your emails, phone calls, video views, donations and Facebook messages which have made this massive victory possible. We really couldn't have done it without you. Greenpeace campaigners have met several times with Nestlé executives to discuss the problems in sourcing their palm oil and paper products and things were certainly moving forward. But we didn't expect them to come up with such a comprehensive 'zero deforestation' policy so quickly. Just yesterday , Nestlé announced a plan which will identify and remove any companies in their supply chain with links to deforestation, including the infamous Sinar Mas. This plan still needs to be followed up with action, and the Forest Trust - an independent organisation we've worked with before - will be closely monitoring Nestlé's progress. But as many of you have pointed out, Nestlé is not the only company involved in the palm oil industry and while this is a fantastic result, there's still a lot more to do before the destruction of Indonesia's rainforests is brought to a halt. So let's get started right away. Moving the world's largest food and beverage company is an awesome first step. This historic decision is thanks to the 300,000 people worldwide who took action and contacted Nestlé. Greenpeace will continue to campaign against companies involved in rainforest destruction and lend a helping hand to the Indonesian President to meet his target of emission reduction targets by protecting the peatlands and the last remaining rainforests of the world. It's days like today that remind us we all have the power to make a positive difference.

Butai Maitar

Best wishes, Bustar Maitar Forest Campaign Coordinator Greenpeace Southeast Asia

P.S. We can only undertake such work with the support of individuals like you. Join Greenpeace today! Add your voice to the movement that's committed to defending our planet.

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