2015 has been historic for Greenpeace. Together with you and the rest of our countless supporters – we have stepped up our game towards building a planet which is ecologically sound, healthy and liveable.

Thanks to our team of photo editors for coming up with this set of shocking, inspiring and moving images that drove us into action. This gallery, I believe, best narrates what we have accomplished together.

Now let's take a moment to look back on a year of courage and commitment to change through these incredible pictures...


View the rest of the photos here.

We hope you'll stay with us as we move forward in 2016 to achieve more victories for the people and the planet.

Want to do more? We encourage you to support our work!  Greenpeace is the only global environmental organization that accepts no corporate or government donations so we can maintain a much needed independent voice, but it means we rely totally on individual supporters like you to fund our work.

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