An Olive Ridley turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea) swims in the open blue ocean of the Pacific. 10/16/2011 © Paul Hilton / Greenpeace

One week in to 2015, and even though some New Year’s resolutions will already have fallen by the wayside, we all need to urgently think about one more resolution: 

The resolution to protect the oceans and all its beautiful whales, turtles, tunas and sharks.

I don’t need to tell you that the oceans are under threat. Overfishing, pollution and climate change are taking their toll on all ocean creatures. So let’s resolve to save them.

We’ve come up with our favourite resolutions for #OceanLovers like us. 

Which is your favourite? Let us know in a comment or tweet. And feel free to suggest your own (on Twitter or Instagram, use the hashtag #OceanLovers and we’ll retweet it). 

And guess what? We’re going to share your responses with UN delegates at a critical meeting this January. Read more and find out why:

7. My #OceanLovers Resolution: Save Mexico’s #Vaquita porpoise. There are only 97 left!

With only 97 left, the smallest porpoise in the world is also the most endangered! These little guys live in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez and need our protection from destructive fishing. Join 325,000 other #OceanLovers and ask the Mexican government to save the vaquita. 

6. My #OceanLovers Resolution: Avoid overfished or destructively caught seafood.

A lot of seafood comes from stocks that are being overfished or are caught using destructive fishing methods. But it’s easy to avoid these species and and ask your supermarket to sell tuna brands that source sustainably (“Pole and Line” or “Hand-Caught”).

Click here to check out Greenpeace’s list of seafood to avoid.

5. My #OceanLovers Resolution: Help stop #monsterboats from vacuuming up the oceans.

Hundreds of thousands of local, low-impact fishers are being forced out of work by vessels like monster boats — industrialized fishing vessels that deplete and destroy. It's not fair to these fishers, the oceans, or to you. Take action to stop monster boats.

4. My #OceanLovers Resolution: Fight carbon pollution from warming & acidifying the ocean.

The carbon emissions warming the planet are also warming the oceans and causing the seas to  acidify. Both processes are making the seas less hospitable for ocean critters and ecosystems.  Whether it is minding our energy use, or challenging fossil fuel corporations, it is up to us to fight climate change.

3. My #OceanLovers Resolution: Ensure less plastic ends up in the sea, hurting sea creatures.

We use so much plastic that it often ends up in the sea being swallowed by fish, turtles and birds. Let’s pledge to use less and try to reuse and recycle as much as we can. We can also join local beach clean-up drives to collect rubbish before it ends up in the oceans.

2. My #OceanLovers Resolution: Share my love for the seas by sending out an #OceanKiss!

Whether it’s swimming, surfing, diving, learning more about the oceans, or educating our friends, let’s enjoy the oceans with others and help build the growing movement of #OceanLovers. You can even start by sharing an #OceanKiss to show your ocean love on Twitter or Instagram. Suck in those cheeks and pucker up for a photo. Then post it with the hashtags #OceanLovers and #OceanKiss!

1.  My #OceanLovers Resolution: Demand Ocean Sanctuaries so marine life can flourish.

This might be the most important resolution to adopt right now. This year, the United Nations could start negotiating for a new agreement to create ocean sanctuaries, refuges across the world where ocean creatures can flourish. 

But for that to happen, a majority of countries need to show their support at a meeting this January 20th to 23rd in New York. It is a crucial moment for all of us Ocean Lovers to show how much we care about the oceans and make our governments show they care too!. With your help, we can make this THE year for the oceans. Sign our petition and tell world leaders right now that you want an ocean sanctuaries agreement.

Greenpeace will be present at the meeting. Our campaigners will collect all the #OceanLovers resolutions, from here in the comments and on social media, and personally show them to the delegates!

That’s right, your resolutions help the oceans in two ways: you do your own part for the oceans, and each  #OceanLover pledge you take sends a clear message to UN delegates: #OceanLovers worldwide want you to make a resolution too. We want ocean protection.