“A bus ride will take you two to three hours, stuck in traffic during peak hours.”

“As if for a blockbuster movie, snaking lines of people patiently queue to ride public transport.”

“Thousands of smoke-belching vehicles snail down the road, 24 hours a day.”

“Heavy rains flood the streets and cause commuters to get stranded.”

“Exhausting heat hits Metro Manila, marking yet another record for The Hottest Day in History.”

“Climate Change.”

These are the usual morning news headlines we hear, read and see, from social media to local TV. Most of the time, there are also never-ending debates on suggested solutions to these problems. Like a broken vinyl record, the tracks seem stuck on repeat. But what can you do? Most of the time, we can’t really be bothered with such things though they affect us so much. We just want to continue with the demands of our daily lives.

“Work, work, work.”

“I’ll be working late, need more overtime pay.”

“My wife and kids are depending on me.”

“Kailangan magtrabaho at kumita para sa pamilya ko.”

These are familiar lines we always encounter when conversing with people, and admire their dedication to work. Despite the challenges of their daily environment, you can see them untiringly continue to work as scheduled.

“Pagkauwi galing sa trabaho, doon lang kami nakakapagkwentuhan ni Itay.”

“Papa, did you received my text messages?”

“Hello, Sir. This is to inform you that the PTA meeting will be on Saturday, please come.”

“Kailangan nang bayaran ang tubig sa katapusan ha, baka madisconnect tayo.”

Farmer Ariel and his familiy in the village. Greenpeace believes facilitating people's access to a varied diet of ecologically farmed foods, through home and communal gardens is the most effective and sustainable solution to tackle nutrition deficiency in the long term.Work does not stop after office hours. Family obligations kick in automatically. Family budget meetings, reading household reports, checking on the children’s whereabouts, and planning activities for when the next payroll finally comes in. Attending to home issues while “resting” is a learned skill.

“Dad, can you please check if the compost is already full?”

“We can save money when I bike-commute to work!”

“Itay, mura na ang mga solar panels, puede na tayong maglagay sa bahay.”

As the world continually changes, many of us adapt to practice-oriented solutions. This year, we are reminded that educational attainment and financial freedom are not the only things we aspire for, but what also matters is our ecological participation, our respective families’ efforts and our personal stake in saving the only planet we have.

Indeed, all of us wants to have a brighter future. To be able to achieve it, we have to work for it.

“Isang planta ipinasara dahil sa polusyong idinidulot sa ilog.”

“Government is now investing in renewable energy sources.”

“Incoming DA Secretary says, We should invest more in sustainable agriculture.”

“Change is coming.”

The headlines in the evening news show that there is yet hope for our country. More people are getting and acting on information on the more environmentally-friendly ways of living. Businesses begin to see the potentials of embracing more “green” methods and systems.

After a long day of work, everyone now rests and prepares for the next day ahead.

“Thank God It’s Friday!”

“Walang pasok bukas, kain tayo sa labas.”

“Happy Father’s Day!”

Francisco "Kiko" Noveda is the Actions Coordinator for Greenpeace Southeast Asia based in the Phiippines. You can follow his updates via Twitter @izzecoh