“I was at war in Vietnam” said very senior charismatic American Indian man based in California I met and greet on the bus heading into town center as I was telling him that I come from Bangkok and work for Greenpeace there. He is one of the key indigenous people networks that are actively participating in the COP15 and he had TV interview at Klima Forum.

Old man continued “after one year in Vietnam war I was being transitioned in Hawaii about 8 months. Since then I’ve changed ways I live my life. I got into the entrance of where I use to belong to, a sort of decolonized myself. Spiritual achievement has never been finished on us. Now I am here and join the global call for climate justice.”

With more than 25,000 people that gathered in Copenhagen for climate summit, I can get lost easily. By getting to know the people from different part of the planet, I can keep on track. Even meeting with few of them but it was a good moment to be able to move on.

At the entrance of Bella Center, many people are still queuing in the long line waiting for registration. Many more are bounding to Copenhagen includes more than 110 heads of state and it followers. Security at the entrance has been increasingly stringent.

What I like most at the entrance is the big flat TV screen featuring Greenpeace campaign activities around the world including climate defender from Indonesia, Bustar Maitar who is supposed to be representing voice from Southeast Asia but dropping his trip at the last minute. The most ridiculous circus is also at the entrance. The group with its website - www.copenhagenscandal.com-  standing at the entrance area and push for the LaRouche Plan that it is instead of creating a tax on industrial development through CO2 cap and trade, this proposal is calling for a credit system to rebuilt the whole world economy with modern science and technology. One lady of the group approached me saying “…we can build world land bridge with worldwide high speed rail and maglev…powered by electricity from nuclear”.

Wait a moment…

Despite nuclear has been with climate change debate and despite here in Denmark that the latest Gallup survey show most Danes (54%) now in favor of nuclear power, Denmark ruling parties have rejected the idea saying country already had a solution with high proportion of electricity generated from renewable energy.

Recently in Thailand, despite most Thai in favor of nuclear but every single location where the government is proposing the site of nuclear power plant, there are strong oppositions. Last week representatives of Thai Working Group for Climate Justice met with Prime Minister Abbhisit to submit civil society’s position for Copenhagen before he will participate in the climate summit next week. Thai PM personally addressed that nuclear is not his option. The entrance of COP15 is being captured in my mind as hearing from a seminar at KlimaForum where Climate Justice Action(CJA) mentioning a plan to enter the Bella Center during the final day of summit. On handouts proclaimed they “…would take over the conference and disrupt and open a space inside the UN area…”

Tara Buakamsri