Greenpeace activists in the Philippines calls on Indonesian government to arrest forest destroyers instead of harassing climate defenders

The struggle for zero-deforestation has spilled beyond Indonesia as Indonesian authorities have ramped up intimidation tactics this week against Greenpeace activists who are trying to prevent forest and climate destruction in the heart of the Indonesian rainforest, based at our Climate Defenders Camp on the Kampar Peninsula, Sumatra.

The Riau police have detained, interrogated and deported many of our activists as well as an Indian and an Italian journalist.

We are calling on the President of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, to step in and stop these extreme actions against Greenpeace activists and local people who are carrying out their peaceful activities in order to help him fulfill his commitment to reduce his country’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Ending global deforestation is critical to averting a climate disaster.

Help us take action by telling the Indonesian government to crackdown on deforestation - not on Climate Defenders!

Chuck Baclagon