Finally, local folks from Mindanao are coming out to share their story in their David and Goliath struggle against coal. They represent the voice behind the community that strongly oppose coal.

Kapitana Pinpin is the Barangay Captain of Talisayan. She is the last woman standing on the fight against coal in Zamboanga. Of the many challenges she has faced as Barangay Captain, her biggest battle thus far, is coal.

On the drive to the proposed site for the coal-fired power plant, we chance upon several rice fields and agricultural lands that yield bounty fruits and produce that are sold all over the Philippines, some of which are even exported.

I could not peel my eyes off of the beautiful scenery that was before me – vast, arable lands, cleanriver, the open sea, and the grandeur of the mountain at the backdrop. It was breath taking, to say the least, like a picture out of a post card. That’s why it was difficult for me to imagine that all of this will be destroyed by the construction of a coal-fired power plant, which would pollute and steal Barangay Talisayan of its pristine environment, submit the communities to health risk and put their water resource in peril to supply the water needs of the coal-fired power plant.

Kapitana’s story in her fight against coal is so inspiring. Join us in empowering the rest of the Davids in the Philippines win the fight against coal. Let us not allow the Goliaths – whose agenda is to power the Philippines with dirty fossil fuels – to pollute our future. Join us in our call to the Government to phase out coal and lead the Philippines into the twenty first century powered by Renewable Energy.

To be continued...


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Anna Abad is Climate and Energy campaigner at Greenpeace Southeast Asia - Philippines.