"Service doesn't have to be big and grandiose to be meaningful and make a difference." ~ Cheryl Esplin

It was an ordinary day in our office when 5-year old Enzo Burgonio, together with his lovely family, visited us to donate his coinbank savings to Greenpeace. All he asks is for us to save and defend the oceans!

Enzo Burgonio, 5 years old, donates his coinbank savings to Greenpeace

As soon as he handed us his donation, we started to chat with him to get to know this thoughtful little boy more. One of my colleagues delightedly asked him why he loves the oceans. Enzo eagerly answered, “because I want fishes to keep swimming. If someone catches them, I’ll be sad when there’s no more fish left in the ocean.

Enzo told us he studies at Nest School for Whole Child Development where he also learns a lot about taking care of the environment and being a responsible citizen even at a very young age. According to his mom, Edlyn, she still gets amazed whenever Enzo would talk about how he wants to ensure that sea creatures are protected. It truly saddens Enzo whenever he hears news about turtles being killed, and how the beach gets polluted. Saving the oceans is top of Enzo’s priorities that’s why he had requested his parents to accompany him to our office to donate his savings.

Enzo Burgonio, 5 years old, donates his coinbank savings to Greenpeace. © Greenpeace / Jenny Tuazon

I believe Enzo has done more than his fair share for the environment, proving that age doesn’t coincide with the amount of potential impact. He has truly inspired us and made us think that children who make things happen, like Enzo, are an indication of what to expect in the future – rest assured the planet is in good hands.

Enzo Burgonio, 5 years old, donates his coinbank savings to Greenpeace. © Greenpeace / Kristina Pedraya

This five-year old’s gesture shows us that everyone can do simple things to make a difference, and every little bit really does.

What difference can you make today?

In the fight to save the planet, every little bit counts. Greenpeace campaigns are only possible thanks to the support of our donors. We depend on people like you, who are committed to creating a difference. Click here and take the next step to become a Greenpeace donor today!

Kristina Hernandez-Pedraya is Supporter Relations Coordinator at Greenpeace Southeast Asia based in the Philippines.