Dusk signals the beginning of darkness in the evening. An opportune time to gather in the spirit of shared identity in the struggle against nukes. In the dusk we congregated to pray and light candles for those who’ve been struck by the tragic events in Japan.

The flickering candles illuminate the sullen riot of emotions brought about by grief, fear and solidarity with the plight of the Japanese people, who in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami are now faced with a dreadful situation, where instead of being able to plough all resources into rescue and relief efforts, the government is dealing with a crisis caused by the inherent and inescapable risks of nuclear power.

Just a few days ago Greenpeace challenged legislators, particularly those who have just this week reversed their pro-nuclear stance, to author a bill that would declare the Philippines a nuclear energy-free zone. Now in a collective expression of unity, with organizations, and individual activists involved in the broader anti-nukes movement we manifest not only our feelings of loss but also our aspirations to be beacons hope for the people of Japan as well as for the many who aspire for a renewable energy future that values our lives, our livelihood and our security.

Nuclear power has been proven to be an economic and environmental disaster around the world, aside from threatening peace and stability, and shrouding communities residing near nuclear power plants and waste sites under constant fear of accidents.

In the candle-lit night we recognize our shared humanity with the people of Japan: the candles glimmer to console, to celebrate and to renew our commitments to the struggle –to our dreams. In the gleaming light of the candles, our hopes shine in spite of all distractions, while in prayer we break silence, and allow words to flow out of our deepest parts.

Greenpeace has always fought - and will continue to fight - vigorously against nuclear power because it is an unacceptable risk to the environment and to humanity. We have the opportunity to say farewell to old, polluting energy sources and to welcome in a new, more efficient and conflict-free energy future.

The flickering candles at dusk is thus a call for an Energy [R]evolution: a revolution in the way we use, produce and distribute energy. A revolution that lays down the foundation for a sustainable energy future for the Philippines that not only addresses environmental issues but also provides a stable, predictable and secure energy sector.

Revolution and evolution are unforgiving forces. Nobody wants to be on the wrong side of either one. And unless all of us are part of the solution, all of us have a problem.

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