The yellow flag was lowered and drums beat then rolled. I heard Francis, from Philippines, over the microphone ‘we welcome Captain Mike and the Crew of the Rainbow Warrior.’ It all went quiet. I looked around at my beloved crew gathered on the bridge, this was our cue. Wearing out-the-box bright yellow T-shirts, boldly printed with the words ‘CLEAN, GREEN, PEACEFUL ENERGY, I lead my crew of 15, comprising 12 different nationalities, to the top of the gangway. As I started the decent to the quay the music started – I felt as if my body had gone into slow motion. By the time my foot reached the ground I realised the tune – STAR WARS.

We are here in General Santos to forward on the Energy Revolution and are honoured to be part of a movement in the Philippines that aims to make Green development a reality. The Rainbow Warrior first toured the Philippines ten years ago to expose and address toxic waste and dioxin pollution from incineration. She has since sailed these waters for clean energy and a phase out of coal power. During these ten years landmark laws have been enacted. The most recent of which came into being following my voyage here in 2008 leading to the adoption of the Renewable Energy Bill. It is victories like these that make me believe that change is possible and together with communities, action can turn the tide.

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