JustCoz.org offers you an off-the-wall way of communicating with the use of Twitter, enabling you to donate one tweet a day to causes or organizations which you are passionate about. It's pretty simple: by donating one tweet each day to Greenpeace, you help us reach more people, and that means more action towards helping us protect our planet.

"How does it work?" you ask. Donating a tweet to Greenpeace each day is very easy.

Let's say you have finally decided to donate, you will be taken to a page on JustCoz.org where you will be asked to log in with your Twitter account details. Once you allow connection to your Twitter account, you get signed up as a supporter and are then set for donating one tweet a day to Greenpeace every time it broadcasts a message.

So, what's next?

Once you become a supporter, your Twitterfeed will automatically send out a tweet on Greenpeace's behalf. You will also notice the hashtag #DT, which stands for "Donated Tweet." Don't worry that your feed might be flooded by Greenpeace, because the platform allows every cause to broadcast ONLY ONCE A DAY. Thus, your donated tweet will notify your followers of things we do, campaigns we're working on, and/or anything that people might find interesting or inspiring. Your donated tweet is five times more likely to trigger an action!

Of course, you also have the option to stop donating a tweet anytime, simply by clicking on "Stop Supporting" at the top right corner of the cause's Justcoz page (I'm pretty sure you wouldn't stop supporting Greenpeace anyway *wink wink*).

So now that you know how donate-a-tweet-a-day works, click the donate-a-tweet button to start supporting Greenpeace and help us make a big difference with just one tweet! ;)

Your voice counts! Help us spread the word about our campaigns by donating a tweet a day.