Like us on FacebookWe are truly grateful to all our friends on Facebook who have shown continuing support to our campaigns through liking, sharing and commenting to every post that we share. This year is a blast for Greenpeace Philippines Facebook page shared a total of 626 posts, and gained 335,467 likes, 80,202 shares, & 6,100 comments with a whopping 76% increase of people who liked our page. We are now 216,989 strong! This is a success of each one of you, who are inexhaustibly keeping our online community alive, thus changing the world one share/like/comment at a time ;)

Without further ado, here's the list of our 12 most shared posts on Facebook this year:

12th most shared post:



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Most shared post of 2013:


What's your favorite post we shared? Comment below your insights or tell us what you would like to see shared on our Facebook page in the coming year, 2014. Have a green and peaceful new year!