We just set a world record for the most comments on a single Facebook post in one day! Our supporters posted no less than 80,000 comments in at least eleven languages on our Facebook Unfriend Coal page in the past 24 hours.

Meanwhile, Facebook has less than eight days left on the clock if it is to pledge to go green by Earth Day. The company is doing commendable work in energy efficiency, but it's still running data centres on coal and nuclear power with no plan to move to clean, safe renewable energy.

An official from the Guinness World Records in London will verify the comments record in a week or so, though we smashed the target of 50 thousand comments after only twelve hours.

This world record shows that people want Facebook to go green. Facebook users want the company to lead a new energy revolution by committing to running its data centres on clean, safe renewable energy, instead of coal and nuclear power.

Congratulations everybody! You're all world record holders now. Celebrate and tell your friends!