Imagine seeing Sumatran tigers roaming the concrete jungles of Metro Manila  — wandering aimlessly across its busy streets homeless, searching of refuge.

Such a picture may seem far fetched for many, but ironically truth may be stranger than fiction as deforestation has made homelessness (which is already common in many countries including Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia) a reality even to the Sumatran tiger whose habitat is being drastically reduced with the large scale exploitation of their habitant for timber resources that is driven by corporations like KFC that chooses to source their packaging from irresponsible suppliers like Asia Pulp and Paper, a company that has been exposed for using illegal timber made from Indonesian forests.

Deforestation in places like Indonesia has also rendered other species like tigers homeless. Their homelessness is fuelled by the destruction of their natural habitat in order to supply pulp and paper that global brands like KFC, use for their products that we consume. If left unchecked this threatens to make homelessness of species more wide-scale because deforestation leads to greater habitat loss and not to mention contributes to climate change which affects all life on earth.


Stopping deforestation in key tropical forests around the world such as in Indonesia not only preserves biodiversity and the rights of indigenous peoples but is also a key solution to stabilizing the global climate.  The country is one of the world’s third largest greenhouse gas (GHG) emitters, largely due to deforestation.  Last 2010, Indonesia’s President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has committed to a 41% reduction in GHG emissions by 2020.  For Indonesia to succeed in reaching these emissions reduction targets, companies like APP must be stopped from destroying peatlands and cutting down rainforests.

Global brands like KFC, have global consumers and our collective international action is needed because it helps pave the way for global brands to change their destructive practices that is crucial to preventing the homelessness of more tigers and other species.

The homeless tigers that have been spotted around Metro Manila, are just a fraction of the many who have chosen to not stand by and watch rainforest end up in a fast food trash can. KFC still does not have concrete global policies to end the use of timbers sourced from these unsustainable practices of Asia Pulp and Paper and that is why we need people like you to join the revolt against deforestation because we need save what little is left of our precious rainforests.