“For me, I regard my music as a form of volunteering, something like a service that I give, you know no-commercial and as long as we both share the same vision.” -TonyQ

TonyQ believes that there is a great need for people to see the connections existing among us in terms of equality and making lives better not only for ourselves or a few people but for the entire world. Music -- as an art and as a medium -- is his way of reaching out to people of the present and the coming generations to help them make better choices now.

A prolific writer and legend in the Indonesian Reggae scene, TonyQ is inclined to talk about life, love and things that matter especially social, political and environmental issues. For him, it’s really about sharing something special – something important and taking lessons from the past and making sense of those lessons now.

He was introduced to Greenpeace in 2003 and started supporting the environment group even before the Greenpeace Southeast Asia - Indonesia office was established. He performed at the first Greenpeace concert in 2004 when the Rainbow Warrior first came to Jakarta and has since been talking to his audience about what the environment group is doing.

He recently arrived in Manila to join us celebrate our 10th year in the region where he performed before an audience of Greenpeace supporters all eager for an Energy Revolution.

That night, he sang his very own composition called ‘The Earth is waiting,’ a song about people’s ignorance and indifference to the destruction of the environment, and the idea of always blaming God for disasters that are also of our own making. He said that he decided to give this song as a gift to Greenpeace especially for recognizing the need for people around the world, not just Filipinos, to come together to act and sing for a better planet.

In his country, he has witnessed the destruction of the environment, particularly the Indonesian forests for commercial benefit. He has written songs about these issues because he feels that it is his responsibility as an artist to tell people what’s happening.  In a sense, he has helped translate Greenpeace environmental advocacy into music.

In Indonesia in particular, Greenpeace has been confronting some very powerful companies responsible for forest destruction which is contributing to global climate change.  TonyQ, along with local groups, communities and civil society, is supporting this campaign.

The campaign has been gaining ground. Just recently Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono declared a moratorium on converting forests to plantations.  With the right safeguards, this is a turning point in global efforts to mitigate climate change. Millions of trees, animals and people can now be saved from destruction—saving Indonesia’s forests is a key to help stop climate change,

TonyQ’s visit and his songs about his environmental advocacy resonates beyond Indonesia.  His music reminds us that although we live in different countries or regions we can come together to make a positive difference in the world. It is not about Indonesia, or the Philippines or Thailand doing their part to save their part of the environment, rather it is about all of us – artists, bloggers, writers, students, workers -- working together for a cleaner and peaceful future for all of us.