_MG_4174-websize Isa (Wiriya) is our cheerfully tireless media officer in the Bangkok office.  Here she's going beyond duty to help distribute the brochures which contain the petition we're running for the Chang[e] Caravan.

The people we've met along the way have been all too happy to support our Caravan.  We've passed houses, stores and establishments - communities - who have given us and the elephants water, corn, sugar cane, candies and juice, and a place to rest our weary feet. At every place, we talk to people and distribute the petition.  Each voice adds to the chorus calling on President Obama - who is in a position to make the biggest difference for the climate - to commit to an ambitious, fair and binding climate treaty in Copenhagen this December._MG_3701-websize

You can sign on via web as you join us in our journey....

Click here.

Lea Guerrero