#RiseAbove for climate justice!Courageous people are bringing unprecedented legal actions to rise above the challenge of climate crisis and its impacts on their lives and future generations. We challenge you to take it up a notch for International Human Rights Day on December 10th, 2016!

We must take on the challenges of the climate inaction in order to secure a better future for all. People are pushing back because fossil fuel companies and governments are failing to respect and protect their human rights. Now, we need your help ramping up the call for the protection of our rights to a stable climate and a healthy environment.

Share a jump shot photo with a message of solidarity and hope to the communities and individuals pushing governments and corporations to get up and act now.

Here's how to take a fantastic jump shot:

1.Write your message of hope & support or just the hashtag #RiseAbove on cardboard or paper;
2. Hold your message and ask a friend to take a jump shot of you;
3. Upload it to your Twitter account, Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag: #RiseAbove. Make sure your post setting is Public so we can include it in our Storify feed.

Check out the jump shots recently contributed by our supporters – we encourage you to be fun & creative!

Share this with your friends and together, let's all #RiseAbove climate injustice by supporting the heroes that are seeking to hold governments and the fossil fuel industry accountable for climate inaction!

Maica Quitain is Greenpeace SEA - Philippines' Climate Justice campaign's project leader.