JP Cabus, deckhand of the Rainbow WarriorTo many, JP is lucky to have experienced life onboard the Rainbow Warrior. The Rainbow Warrior has been sailing the seas as a Greenpeace ship for 21 years, challenging environmental crimes all over the world. But even as ther are plans to retire the ship next year, she continues to leave a mark on people whose passion for the environment is as boundless and fluid as the water in the ocean. She also continues to impart love to activists like JP, the kind that allows them to know and understand how they are able to make a difference in the world, that is, a kind of self-worth that emerges from sharing and utilizing their talents for the benefit of a cleaner and peaceful planet.

JP has various roles onboard. As a volunteer deckhand, he helps clean cabins, alleyways and toilets and help maintain the ship by removing rust and painting the deck. He is also a “garbologist,” the man in charge of the garbage. At night, his share of duty would either include being a watchkeeper, portwatcher, or anchorwatcher, tasks wherein safety is one’s top priority. He is also a boat trainer to his mates, a role he also holds in the Greenpeace office in the Philippines.

Now one of the crew of the Rainbow Warrior, he believes it is still love that sustains his activism and commitment for the environment, primarily, love for his three kids and his wife. When tropical storm Ondoy hit the country last year, their home was among those flooded.. For him, being part of Greenpeace, like working onboard an environmental campaign ship and doing it well is one of the things he can do right now to help assure a better future for his family.

JP has always wanted to make a difference in the environment but wasn’t able to do so until he met Grace, the love of his life, who was already working with Greenpeace back then. It really is a story of boy meets girl, boy falls in love and then some more. After they got married, he started visiting the office in Manila and eventually became an active volunteer. He remembers one of his first actions with the group, holding a banner that said "STOP COAL" in front of the Mirant headquarters in Manila for a climate and toxics campaign in 2005. The success of this direct and peaceful activity inspired him to continue volunteering for Greenpeace activities.

It’s amazing how love propels us to do great things. Things that enable us to grow, to share and establish meaningful relationships, inspire us to take chances and move us to create positive change. Love plays a significant role in JP Cabus’ life – how and why he started in Greenpeace seven years ago and why he continues to be a part of it, being out there, somewhere in the South China sea.

JP Cabus is a Manila-based volunteer aboard the Greenpeace flagship as part of “Turn the Tide” tour of Southeast Asia. He joined the crew last September in Thailand and will be on the ship as she visits the Philippines to promote climate change solutions and challenge the country’s president to take action for 50% RE targets by 2020.