posterLast week, I received a letter from a long-time friend who is currently teaching at Cebu International School (CIS). She shared with me a story about how her five kindergarten students responded to the news article they read in class. It was about the Chinese vessel that was caught loaded with around 500 sea turtles that were internationally classified as endangered or critically endangered. The children were greatly affected by this horrific news that they could not take it sitting down.

They took action the best way they know how—creative posters and letters addressed to fisherfolk communities, divers and decision-makers.

Their objective? To tell the world to save and protect our turtles. 

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These images simply tell us that no action is small when it comes to safeguarding our planet. Taking action is about recognizing what is wrong, reflecting why it is so, and correcting it with what is right. These kids have it straight on.

Joan Meris is a mobilization staff at Greenpeace Philippines. Follow her on Twitter via @dyownie


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