Today, September 22, marks the first year of our filing of the Human Rights and Climate Change Petition at the Philippines’ Commission on Human Rights.

In September 22, 2015, typhoon survivors and civil society groups in the Philippines deliver a complaint to the Commission on Human Rights of the Philippines (CHR) calling for an investigation into the responsibility of big fossil fuel companies for fuelling catastrophic climate change that is resulting in human rights violations.

With the help of more than a hundred thousand people, the campaign has come a long way and the Big Polluters now know that they have been ordered to account for the harm that their businesses have caused (and are continuing to cause) around the world.

We are so delighted that our staff and volunteers initiated a light painting activity on the eve of the Petition’s first anniversary as their contribution in solidarity with all the people who are at the frontline of climate change impacts, the people who are continuously fighting for a better life. Creative actions like this serve as beacons that challenge status quo and function as artistic expressions for resisting powers-that-be. We need more of this to inspire more people to make a difference especially now that there is no greater threat to our future than climate change.

Light painting photos ©Greenpeace/Grace Duran-Cabus

We only have a week left to pressure the Big Polluters to respond to the Commission on Human Rights of the Philippines’ order for current and threatened human rights abuses resulting from climate change.

It is high time that the Big Polluters be held accountable for their role in fueling the climate crisis–and your voice can strengthen this demand for climate justice. We need everyone for this groundbreaking investigation to succeed so that we’ll be a step closer to the future we want: a green and peaceful one.