It was a bright, sunny day that welcomed everyone who came for the technology fair.  A far cry from what happened just a few days before the event, when Supertyphoon Lawin was sweeping across towns, destroying homes and villages.  Recent events would allow most of us to think about what we can do to still make the country a beautiful and safe place to live in.  It is only timely that we talk about environmental impacts through platforms like the #AnoiTech fair.  

Being able to participate in this initiative towards sustainable mobile technology is an overwhelming experience.  I was inspired by how people were passionate in talking about the environmental problems that we face today, particularly emphasizing on e-waste and its consequences.  Advocates presented statistics which were very alarming.  But it was very moving to witness hope within them as they continue reaching out to people, both consumers and manufacturers, through different initiatives like the #TrueInnovation campaign.  

Inclusivity is essential in creating and pushing for movements, it was great to see people from different sectors participate in the #AnoiTech fair.  There were students, advocates, artists, representatives from government and non-government organizations.  Even just facilitating this dialogue among sectors is already an effective way of creating ripples of impact among communities.  Starting a movement is always about empowering the individual to contribute in affecting change.

Having the vision to create a collaborative community through Philippine art and culture, we founded Para Sa Sining, a non-profit organization.  Our core is Collaborative Arts.  Beyond merging of genres and art forms as people would usually understand it, Collaborative Arts is actually using the arts to advocate for causes such as cultural heritage, gender rights, climate change, environmental awareness, among endless possibilities.  Being artists concerned about the welfare of communities across different sectors, we are honored to have been part of the #AnoiTech fair.  Through our art, we are grateful to have shared the call for True Innovation.

We are of different perspectives, dreams, advocacies, sectors, communities who constantly aspire for change and development.  So, we move to realize our goals, taking on different jobs and projects.  Oftentimes we forget that we are of one community, of one human race.  Although different in many ways, we are called to be stewards of creation.  And perhaps the true innovation that we aspire for, is leaving something (possibly even more beautiful) for the future generations.

Micah Pinto is a cultural creative, a Philippine Arts advocate.  She is a co-founder and the current Executive Director of Para Sa Sining (For the Arts), a non-government organization that moves for the constant creation of a collaborative community through Philippine art and culture.

Para Sa Sining has already produced eleven (11) productions excluding co-produced projects, since 2014.  The different collaborative projects, productions and programs involve film, visual arts, music, dance, theater, spoken word poetry, architecture and cultural heritage.  The organization has also launched an arts education program for the youth in rural communities such as Pangasinan and Mt. Pulag, Benguet.

It is also the advocacy of the organization to help out their artist partners with their projects.  Some collaborations involve media partnerships, and sometimes even go as intensive as project conceptualization and execution.  Para Sa Sining has helped produce several projects of their artist partners, such as the Rebelde Film Camp (a 5-day film camp in Banaue, Ifugao), and the Fête de la Musique Fusion Stage (a music festival hosted by the Alliance Française de Manille).