Candle light vigil for JapanA year ago this day, a devastating 9.0 magnitude earthquake and tsunami struck off the coast of north-east Japan that caused catastrophic meltdowns at a nuclear plant.

We witnessed the disaster, video after video, heartbreaking photos and stories telling us how the Japanese people tried to cope with the natural force that destroyed the region. No one can ever forget or can even dare to forget the endless tragic stories brought by that series of disasters.

A report, Lessons from Fukushima, commissioned by Greenpeace shows how the government, regulators, and the nuclear industry enabled the Fukushima disaster and failed to protect the people from it. After everything that has happened, we can never restore confidence in nuclear power. It is certainly the "dream that failed," as The Economist perfectly describes it.

Nuclear energy is a dangerous distraction and an unnecessary risk in the quest to power our planet. Clean and safe renewable energy is the only way to a sustainable future, every nation should be including a lot more of this type of energy to go forward.

Japan is a perfect testimony that life goes on and that hope can be seen even in the darkest hours. Their courage and resilience have truly won the world's admiration. 

For Southeast Asia, this is an opportunity to learn from what has happened in Japan, and for governments to rethink about the kind of legacy they will leave for their citizens.

That being said, we now call for the ASEAN and its member countries to divert from the nuclear path it laid down in the Treaty of Bangkok and repeal the nuclear development provision in the ASEAN Energy Cooperation Plan for 2010-2015.

Your voice is needed to make the message clear to ASEAN that it is time to protect their citizens, not the nuclear industry.